Friday, June 20, 2008

Where to buy a house in 2008

Want to buy a home? Don't wait!

If you want a place to live in 2008, you should go for it! The reason for this according to Harsh Roongta, CEO is,' Timing the prices in property market is not only difficult but very risky as well.' Of course, provided you fulfil any of these three conditions, suggested by Roongta:

1. You are sure that you would like to live in the city long enough to justify the purchase.

2. You are confident about a steady income and an increase in it in the coming years.

3. You can afford the purchase and repay loan EMIs with ease.

Roongta believes that the real estate prices are going to go up eventually, and waiting for correction may not be a great idea

Handy list for you when you go property shopping

Guwahati Real Estate Market

Chandigarh Real Estate Market

Nagpur Real Estate Market

Pune Real Estate Market

Navi Mumbai Real Estate Market

Vizag Real Estate Market

Vadodara Real Estate Market

Dehradun Real Estate Market

Indore Real Estate Market

Nashik Real Estate Market
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