Monday, July 7, 2008

Managing repayment of home loans

In this article Shubha Ganesh discusses options available for the existing home loan borrowers to manage the additional cost of borrowings; means increased EMI because of the higher interest rates.

What should the floating rate borrowers do now? What are their options?

1) Pay higher EMI (equated monthly installments )

2) Increase the tenure of the loan

3) Prepay part of the loan to retain the original EMI.

4) Options for the new home loan borrowers.:
Shubha Ganesh - The Economic Times


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  3. Though paying a higher EMI on home loaning is quite risky, I still consider this as one of the best option to use basing on what I have noticed it best. Their might be some other way I guess but for now I still stick on my choice first.