Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Union Budget 2009-10 - CREDAI Pune is extremely disappointed with the government for ignoring the home and shelter aspirations of the middle classes

Satish Magar, President, CREDAI Pune:

"Our expectations to boost affordable housing, provide greater tax deduction for interest paid for home purchases were not met.

While the FM talks about a slum free India in 5 years, he seems to have completely missed the opportunity to offer some relief and incentive to middle class home buyers.

It is well established that housing/construction is an engine that can help in propelling growth in the economy – the linkages to hundreds of industries as well as employment to millions of workers seems to have not found any priority of place in the FM’s budget.

Overall, the budget doesn’t address the needs of the housing industry at all."

Why Rahulbaba is ignoring urban middle class?

Is it because rural poor is a major source of power while urban middle class is a minority which can be easily managed? What is your take on the Union Budget 2009-10? Please, share your views in the comments.

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  1. A pathetic budget in all respects. I dont think this is for the AAM Aadmi at all.

    1. Cars above 2000 cc to be cheaper by Rs. 5000. Does the government thinks that the AAM aadmi is going to buy a car over 2000cc

    2. Surcharge for income over 10 lacs removed. Why would you do that ? A Pathetic decision. The common man does not earn over 10 lac Rs Mr. FM

    No Labor Reforms, No Land Reforms.....Pathetic in all sense..

  2. Its a good budget for buyers.

    one can sleep ezee. the prices r not going to increase soon.

    More rational price would be on anvil.

    Any Sops for Aam Aadmi means for Bldr only.