Friday, January 29, 2010

Nothing matters as the real estate market in India is getting hotter

The unstructured real estate industry, high home loan rates, forged land titles, the possibility of corruption, high taxes...nothing matters....!

Indian real estate has witnessed a phenomenal development in the last couple of years due to its flexible nature and its value appreciation over time. The limits of people's aspirations, concept of good living, contemporary working style and recreation, their risk appetite, and money they can commit for high quality construction and smartly done up space has led to the revolution in the real estate industry in the country.

Path breaking policies like relaxation in FDI policies by the Government of India have also paved the path for the transformation of Indian real estate. The combination of factors like strong economic growth, reforms and policies have lured global investors, easy terms of repayment of home loans, rise in income levels and urbanization.

A change of attitude amongst the generation X from that of 'save and buy' to 'buy and gain' has also boosted the housing demand in the country. India's economic performance has provided momentum to the real estate sector that has been seeing enhanced activity in the recent years.

Investment in infrastructure and swift and speedy urbanization has boosted the growth trajectory of real estate sector in the country which is evident with urban centers such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore attaining global character and recognition.

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