Saturday, July 31, 2010

Floor rise and Fire-wise - lessons from the massive fire at Mutha Chambers 2 on Senapati Bapat Road Pune

"What if the lift is out of order?"

The other day, Mrs. Kumar called me on my mobile 919860044110 to tell me that they had finalized the 3 BHK Flat on the 10th floor, in the particular project near Pancard Club, Baner, Pune 411 045.

When i asked her, why she finalized this particular flat, Mrs. Kumar said, "I am a very negative person! But the view from the terrace of my flat, tempted me to agree with my husband! You know? Every morning, over a cup of coffee, I can enjoy the view of Pashan Hills!"

Sounds interesting! Isn't it? Do you know, what was bothering Mrs. Kumar about finalizing this flat? How to climb to her 3 BHK Flat on the 10th floor if the lift be out of order? What if there is no power and generator is not working?

Mrs. Kumar's husband convinced her to be positive! Possibilities of all these 3 things happening at one and the same time are very rare, he told her! When i asked her, "How rare?" Mrs. Kumar said that Mr. Kumar thinks that only once in a life time!

So, both of them felt that it's worth to pay floor rise Rs. 50 per floor from 7th floor and finalized the 3 BHK Flat on the 10TH floor.

Mrs. and Mr. Kumar, Stupidly Optimistic and Foolishly Romantic Pune Property Buyers!

Today, when i was reading the news about the massive fire break out at the 8 storied commercial building Mutha Chambers 2 on Senapati Bapat Road, in which top 3 floors - 6th, 7th & 8th - were totally gutted and the blaze could be brought under control only after a 2 hour struggle (Video), i thought, what would be Mrs. & Mr. Kumar's reaction?

Does this news tell Mrs. Kumar that she is not "negative" enough? Has Mr. Kumar thought about this "rare" - once in a life time possibility? Have they realized that they are stupidly optimistic and foolishly romantic property buyers? What do you think?

Mrs. & Mr. Kumar, be wise, fire-wise!

We all know how the system works! Pune Municipal Corporation will continue to sanction and builders in Pune will keep on building 25 - 30 story high rise towers. Right?

But do you think that, it means that Mrs. & Mr. Kumar, educated property buyers in Pune, shouldn't buy a property in these high rise buildings?

Particularly, when Pune fire brigade doesn't have enough fire tenders and fire stations to take care of PMC and adjoining 10 kms area, which comes under town planning where development rules of PMC are applicable and fire NOC is a must.

What say you? Shouldn't the property buyer consider the eventuality of fire? Isn't the safety of your family more important than the view from the high rise building?

Don't you think that "floor rise" is nothing more than the builder's cruel joke? Don't you think that, if you are booking above 8th floor, actually the builder should compensate you for risking your family's life?

What say you? Please, share your views and help Mrs. & Mr. Kumar to be wise - fire-wise!

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  1. Hello,
    You do have a point there in terms of strict adherence to fire safety norms.
    But then, is 4th floor safer than the 10th? Which floor is the safest? Opinions will differ because people have lost life under different circumstances on floors from ground onwards!
    We all should ensure that our building has the Fire Safety norms in place, our internal electric lines/cables are laid properly and of good quality and that there are fire extinguishers inside the flats also.

  2. I agree with you about Fire Safety Norms. Thanks Dilip, for adding value to this blog!

  3. its very free discussion..nice to read it

  4. happy to read your article...keep updating

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  6. Really Nice story......
    I am totally agreed with Mrs. Kumar and i have great sympathy for her. When we are going to select flats we should take care of these kind of things.
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  8. 1 more possibility remains . . A plane crashing the towers . .. There are endless possibilities.There are both pro and cons of top and lower depends on person to person.

    I booked at nanded city 3bhk @ 16 floor.The tower is equipped with 4 lifts, 3 high speed and one stretcher lift.

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