Friday, September 9, 2011

High Property Prices - Why does Government give a free hand?

Tax Cow:

Builders play important role in helping the politicians rule the land. No. I am not talking about "Politicians & Builders Nexus" or bribes, election funds and assistance to convert "loot of taxpayers' money" into white.

I am talking about the "official" business transaction, give & take, between the builders & the men in power - government!

I am talking about - government's "cut" in the property price!

You know what? When a builder charges you Rs. 3,300 per sq.ft., the government's "cut" is, approximately, Rs. 1,087 per sq.ft. - nearly, 33%!

If, the government is 33% partner in real estate sector,
how can we expect government to control the property rates?
How can we expect government to increase 'supply of land'?

How can builders' government take any step which will make housing affordable for the urban middle class?

We have to remember that we are the 'minority' and only "tax cow" for the government.

Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, VAT & Service Tax:

We all know only about what we pay to the government when we register the agreement of our property. Stamp Duty 5% + Registration Charges Rs. 30,000 + Service Tax 2.57 % + VAT 1% = Approximately Rs. 313 per sq.ft. to the government.

"Ravi, that's not all what the government gets from every flat sold!," said Mr. Kapil Gandhi, M. D., Sigma One Landmarks Pvt. Ltd., developers of Grand Stand Kothrud and told me what government gets from the builder.

Let us assume that the 2,00,000 sq.ft. project - 11 story buildings with standard specifications & amenities - is in the D Zone, and the property rate, based on the saleable area, is Rs. 3,300 per sq.ft.

"Besides what you pay, while constructing this project, builder pays to local, state & central government, approximately Rs. 774 per sq.ft. on the saleable area!," said Mr. Kapil Gandhi and gave me the following bifurcation, based on per sq.ft. saleable area:

1) Stamp Duty on Purchase of Land - Rs. 60
2) Registration Charges for above Land - Rs. 14
3) Revenue Matters - Rs. 15
4) NA Charges - Rs. 5
5) PMC Charges & Premiums - Rs. 285
6) Octroi on Materials - Rs. 44
7) MSEB Charges - Rs. 20
8) Environment Clearance Charges - Rs. 10
9) VAT on Construction Materials - Rs. 86
10) Service Tax on Construction Labor - Rs. 57
11) Excise on Construction Materials - Rs. 111
12) Service Tax on Consultants' Fees - Rs. 10
13) Mortgage Stamp Duty on Project Loan (25% of Construction Cost) - Rs. 4
14) Property Tax on Plot for 4 Years - Rs. 12
15) Service Tax on Marketing & Promotion - Rs. 5
16) Premium on Road & Amenity Space - Rs. 38

Animal Farm:

Dear Tax Cows, now you know, why government gives free hand to the builders to abuse & exploit the property buyers and earn huge profits - sometimes, without any 'income tax on the profits'!

On our Animal Farm, builders & politicians are more equal than others and terrorist vultures are special guests!

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