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Pune Property Exhibitions - Mass Manipulation of Home Buyers

Why Does Every Local Newspaper Organize Pune Property Exhibitions?

There were two Pune property exhibitions last weekend. One - Sakal Vastu. Two - Times Property Showcase. Organized by two leading newspapers in Pune. Sakal & The Times of India.

Branding - is the intention behind organizing property exhibitions - claim both the publications.

Creating platform for home buyers to collect information about all housing projects in Pune - is the best way to win the minds of newspaper readers - claim both the publications.

If organizing property exhibitions is basically a branding and a public relations exercise of these newspapers - then - why does every builder pay a couple of lakh rupees to participate?

"Because, it's a win win deal - newspaper gets the credit for helping it's readers and participating builder gets an opportunity to interact with the home buyers!," one builder told me.

"Property exhibition is not for profit - builders contribute only to share the expenses," one of the organizers told me.

"So the property exhibitions are all about sharing information! Am I right?," I said.

"Yes! In this age of information, consumer is the king - and the king takes informed decision - property exhibition makes it possible," said the organizer and the builder.

Property Exhibition is All about Exploitation of Pune Builders:

I called Mr. Satinder Arora of Skyline Expositions. In 1992, Satinder pioneered & popularized property exhibitions in Pune real estate market. At that point of time, I was in Pune real estate advertising.

For Satinder, property exhibition was the most cost effective tool to market property. His focus was not on sharing information but on selling property - conversion - bookings.

Today, Satinder runs www.PuneResaleProperty.Com - One Stop Shop of Resale Properties in Pune.

"What is this, Satinder? Now a days, every alternate weekend - there are property exhibitions in Pune - but you are not organizing any. Why?," I asked him.

"Because now, property exhibitions are not about property," said Satinder.

"Then - about what?," I asked.

"Property exhibitions are about ad revenue! Newspapers way of extracting maximum ad revenue from the builders. Newspapers realized that I was eating their ad revenue. Instead of spending on newspaper advertising - builders were spending on my result oriented property exhibitions - to kill me - the newspapers themselves started organizing the property exhibitions," said Satinder.

"But you were result oriented - your focus was on booking - why did the builders ditch you?," I asked.

"Which builder can say 'NO' to the newspaper? Newspapers afford to advertise and write promotional news stories about their property exhibitions in their own publications. Newspapers can design "Ad Root" - a stall in proportion to the size of an ad in their newspaper. How can I compete with newspapers on these grounds? How can a builder afford 'Not to Participate' in such a heavily publicized newspaper event?," said Satinder.

"But, what about the 'results'?," I asked.

"No 'results'. Only 'Presence'. Only distribution of brochures. No interaction - only 'show off'! In the last real estate boom - builders have earned a lot - easy come - easy go - to the newspapers!," said Satinder.

"But, Satinder, branding & sharing information also matters!," I said.

"Yes! To increase advertising revenue substantially - newspapers have roped in advertising agencies to sell the idea of 'brand building' to the builders - at the same time - these newspapers have also convinced the property buyers that - a builder who spends more on newspaper advertising - has a big stall in the property exhibition - is a big real estate brand!," said Satinder.

"It means that - now - property exhibition is not a cost effective marketing tool, anymore - Satinder, this will kill the small builders - small builders can't afford newspaper advertising - small builders can't afford to participate in property exhibitions - means the small builders can't sell - can not survive - the small builders will be wiped out!," I said.

"That's the plan! Pay the newspapers or vanish!!," said Satinder.

How Politicians, Builders & Newspapers Nexus Manipulates Pune Property Buyers:

Yes! I completely agree with Satinder. Today, real estate marketing has become a con-game - a swindle in which the swindler, after gaining the victim's confidence, robs the victim by cheating.

In this con-game - the newspapers play important role of gaining the confidence of home buyers and of persuading the home buyers to buy worthless properties.

The newspapers play this important role mainly because these newspapers themselves are builders. Directly or indirectly these newspapers have invested in big real estate projects in Pune.

At the same time, these newspapers are politicians too. Small & big, local corporators to union ministers, all types of politicians are the 'owners', 'relatives' or 'friends' of these newspapers.

The politician body takes care of manipulating development rules, regulations & plans.

The builder body works as a foot soldier and runs the shop.

Whereas, a newspaper front pretends to be saintly, wins home buyers' confidence - psychologically manipulates home buyers and makes them easy kill.

All 365 days of the year these newspapers brainwash & manipulate individual Pune home buyer's mind. This daily manipulation is silent and hidden - it works like 'slow poisoning'. It comes out in open only when these newspapers organize property exhibitions.

The newspapers organize property exhibitions for three reasons:
1 - To test how much they have succeeded in manipulating individual property buyer's mind.
2 - To strengthen the individual manipulated mind by 'group therapy'.
3 - The property exhibitions provides an opportunity for the newspapers to manipulate those who are not newspapers' regular readers but are potential property buyers.

If you look at the ads & news stories about property exhibition - you can clearly see that the intention behind manipulations is:
1) Securing supply of interest free funds to the builders.
2) Maximizing profits by justifying irrational property prices.

To achieve the goals of fund flow & exorbitant profits - the newspapers erase - delete - unfavorable ideas - and replace & plant certain favorable - profitable 'ideas' and 'beliefs' in thousands of home buyers' minds - at one go - openly & shamelessly.

1) A "Home" is a dream - newspapers erase the idea that अन्न - वस्त्र - निवारा - रोटी - कपडा - मकान are basic needs of a human being and it's government's duty to fulfill the necessities of it's citizens.

Newspapers see that we do not raise our voice and ask - If the government is unable to fulfill the basic needs of it's citizens, then - what is the point in forming a government and creating a nation?

2) A property buyer is a 'consumer' - Property exhibitions are organized as if they are malls - bazaars - of homes and visitors are shoppers. You are treated as a shopper - as a consumer - as if you are buying a ready-to-move-in homes - as if you are shopping a ready made shirt or shoes in mall.

This is done to make you forget that you are a "Paymaster" and a builder is "Service Provider".

When you forget that you are a "Paymaster" - instead of dictating your terms & conditions - you accept the builder's terms and conditions - which are never in your favor and you become a builder's slave.

3) Market Price of Property - The newspapers use property exhibitions to prove that "Market Price of Property" - the most popular lie in real estate market - is the ultimate truth.

The newspapers also brainwash the property buyers to believe that "Market Price of Property" always keeps on going up - keeps on increasing and never comes down. Only because "Market Price of Property" justifies the irrational property rates and easily maximizes the builder's profits.

Ever increasing "Market Price of Property" generates another false idea - "Property Appreciation" - increasing personal worth - and temptation to earn profits - passive income - by selling the property.

When the home buyers accept these false ideas - Market Price of Property & Property Appreciation - they start believing that the builders main business is to make them wealthy!

How can you can ask probing questions to someone whose business is to make you rich?

You forget that you are a Paymaster and the builder is a service provider. You are actually placing an order to construct a home for your family. For this service you pay 3.09 per cent service tax & 1 per cent VAT to the state & central government. You stop treating builder as vendor and do not ask for the bifurcation of his asking price. You do not ask the builder what is the land price - what is the construction cost - what is the administration expenses - what are builder's fees for providing construction services.

In the crowd of property exhibition - you simply forget - who you are and what are your rights. Your rational mind stops working. You become victime of mass manipulation by the newspapers.

However, some visitor manages to survive the mass manipulation and asks - why doesn't government do something to make housing affordable for a common man?

Poor fellow, doesn't know that 'politicians - builders - newspaper owners nexus' is the government!

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