Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Where to invest in Pune - Wagholi, Marunji or Narhe?

Best locations in Pune for property investment:

From Panchshil to Playtor - Pune builders are struggling

When from Panchshil Towers behind EON IT Park at Kharadi to Playtor at Paud and Godrej Prana at Undri to Xrbia Eiffel City at Chakan are finding it difficult to sell their flats at the current property prices - nobody is thinking of investing for earning property appreciation in Pune real estate market in 2015. I was sure.

But I was wrong. Mr. Sujay asked me - Which is better area to invest - Wagholi, Marunji or Narhe?

If you ask someone working in Hinjewadi IT Park - he will tell you - Marunji is the best location to invest.
If you ask someone working in Kharadi - he will say - Wagholi has more potential for appreciation.
If you ask a Maharashtrian Punekar - he will tell you to invest in Narhe.
I told Mr. Sujay.

What does Ravi Karandeekar - Pune real estate investment adviser say? Asked Mr. Sujay.

Better ask the builders who have under construction projects in Wagholi, Marunji & Narhe! I said.

I asked. Those builders who have projects in Wagholi - claimed that Wagholi will give better appreciation. The builders in Marunji told me that Marunji is the hot investment destination in Pune. Properties in Narhe give better rental income & price appreciation - claimed builders in Narhe. Every builder claims that his location is the best. I am confused. Said Mr. Sujay.

Why don't you search 'Where to invest in Pune' on Google? I asked.

I did. Most of the articles suggest that all fringe villages of Pune are good for investment. But I want to know- in 2015 - which is the best location in Pune for investing. What is your opinion? Said Mr. Sujay.

The property buyers have their preferences & beliefs. The builders want your your money to build their projects. All of them - the property buyers, builders & media - earn - benefit - from promoting these locations. What am I going to earn - to benefit - by recommending any location? I asked.

That's why I am asking you! I am sure you will give me unbiased opinion. Said Mr. Sujay.

Thanks for the compliments! But, you know what? I only answer intelligent questions. At this point of time, when every builder is finding it difficult to sell his flats at the current property prices - any question about investing for appreciation in Pune real estate market is not an intelligent question. I said.

What say you? Is this the right time to invest in Pune? Please, share your views in the comments.

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