Monday, November 2, 2015

Should I invest on Porwal Road in Lohegaon?

Could a frog turn into a prince?

Porwal Road Lohegaon

I own a 2 BHK Flat at Baner. I want to invest in second property. I liked one property on Porwal Road at Lohegaon. A 2 BHK for 45. Builder told me that, soon, Lohegaon will be merged in PMC. What are your views on the development prospects of this area - in the next 5 years? How much appreciation can I expect? Sandeep Patil (name changed) asked me on 91 98600 44110.

Let us first confirm whether I have understood your question. If you keep your 45 Lakhs - today - in a bank FD - for 60 months - according to HDFC Bank calculator - on 2nd November 2020 - you will get 65,73,187 - but, you are sure - you will get more than 65,73,187 - if you invest in a property on Porwal Road in Lohegaon - and you are curious to know how much more than 65,73,187. Right? I asked.

No. I was not comparing it with the bank FD. I can't keep in FD which I don't have. I only have 20. Not 45. Said Sandeep.

Only 20! Then - how can you invest 45 in a property? I asked.

Home loan! Sandeep said.

I am confused. What are you exactly upto? Do you want to invest or do you want to create a debt - liability? I asked.

I want to invest. Sandeep said.

Good! And you can invest. Your 20 lakh. But, certainly, not 45. Because you don't have 45. Means - you can't invest in a property on Porwal Road in Lohegaon. I said.

What if I have? Will it give me good appreciation? What are your views? Without trying to hide his irritation - Sandeep asked.

Hypothetical question! If you had 45 - my guess is - you would not have considered Porwal Road in Lohegaon. Am I right? I asked.

Who are you? Mind reader? Sandeep asked in an irritated voice.

No I am not. There was no need to read your mind. You yourself told me. You asked - if I kissed this frog will it turn into a prince? I said.

What about you? Are you a property investor or a frog kisser?

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